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clanwar details

date: 20.01.2015
game / squad: Trackmania Fullspeed
opponent: cyborg / Cyborg
league: ASM [matchlink]
maps: 1on1, 3on3, 4on4
map result
1on1 1 : 0
3on3 2 : 0
4on4 0 : 2
total 3 : 2
eSU team: pascow, Craicy, Addi, Harry, Jumper
cyborg team:
hltv server:
screenshots: no screenshots
Screens: https://www.facebook.c...28732503979630&type=3

Match Report:

The aAa Speed Mastership contains 2 groups รก 4 teams. We're set in group A together with SEF, Cyborg & Speedfreakz where we're confident to go through, as only 2 teams advance. Group B contains the teams of aAa, Quantum, iGn & A.Core. The matches are played in three submatches, whereas the 1on1 brings the winning team 1 point and the 3on3&4on4 2 points each.

1on1: ASM - Adhesive // eSU Senegal pascow vs. Cyborg Maka

Pascow was able to win the first rounds without real problems, but seemed to fall out of his focus the rest of the match, failing multiple rounds and letting the opponent come closer. In the end, he managed to save the last points and took home the first submatchpoint.

Standings: 1:0

3on3: ASM - Nathaniel // eSU Addi, Germany Harry & Germany Jumper vs. Cyborg Foxstriker, Shini & Vince

This was the clearest of all submatches, where eSU showed a good teamplay by only loosing one round to their opponents, while Cyborg player Vince seemed to be their last man standing many rounds.

Standings: 3:0

4on4: ASM - She // eSU Addi, Craicy, Germany Harry & Senegal pascow vs. Cyborg FaYa, Maka, NGTT & Vince

The first two rounds went to team eSU & most probably believed in a clear victory, but they've been proven wrong. NGTT for Cyborg & Germany Harry for eSU were the dominating players in this submatch, while Senegal pascow was the only eSU player helping Germany Harry in front. As the eSU team performance was very very bad, Cyborg took home this submatch with 7:4. Deserved!

Final Standings: 3:2



The fact that we didn't play this mappack since the last match speaks for itself. Cyborg got underestimated, and we had to pay the bill in the last submatch. This hopefully won't happen again as with Speedfreakz, we have an even harder opponent to play against next weekend.

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