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16.09.2017 - Announcement
08.07.2015 - Announcement
28.04.2015 - Announcement
08.03.2015 - Announcement
29.01.2015 - Announcement
eSportsUnited - The Movie

There wasn´t any big news in the past few years, so it´s my turn to announce the final chapter of the team, a movie starring all members to date. It will take for sure some time to create, but I guess it´s worth it. Feel free to send me your best replay, otherwise I got my ways to get your Replays anyway.



[7412] comments, latest by DavAgetty - 27.02.2019 - 12:45
Race of Champions #2

The insane domination of the world's best Fullspeed-Clan

- on Lol Maps -


Reaction by Sabre

Guys, it's result time! Most of you might remember the legendary eSU-Lolcups that were held back in 2014. The trackmaniac "Santana" picked up our idea and organized a Lol Cup on his own. 84 participants started and only the best made it through the two hours of Lol-Maps in Trackmania! Pros like Spam, Massa or Sabre got lost on their way to the Championtitle, but many eSportsUnited-Sickos drove the whole cup and finished on convincing positions (except for pascow and Safran)!

Take a look at the screens :)

At second place Jumper got only beaten by BX3 JaviFlyer. Great performance by him :) Harry finished on third, with a convincing last map and strong driving he ended in front of Poker on the podium! Sky got 5th, Shadow 6th and Alf 9th, so eSU managed to get 5 of the Top10-Maps. Great stuff bois!

On a weak 29th place: pascow, our leader. We are disappointed.

The shame of eSU - Safran only finished on 39. position out of 84 starting drivers. That's very bad for a division1-driver and we should remember to laugh about his bad performance, the next time we see him.

Stay tuned for more action!


- Sky

[13] comments, latest by xcv xcv - 30.10.2018 - 07:38
Sorpesee Preview + Daaaamn

Let's be honest - we all have been desperate the last weeks. Harry was desperately looking for girls, while most of the other guys were desperately hoping for AIDS or dead babies. And Jacob.. Jacob was desperately looking for a new beautiful member in the last months, but he wasn't successful. Damnit. The day has come - we got a new fullmember.

I want to quote Rihanna at this point: "We found love in a hopeless place."

Damn (former AR-player) joined us - Damn is love, Damn is life.

The last days have been a blast, gaming together, watching eachothers "focus faces" in Oovoo. We convinced Damn to not only join us online, but also to join us on our trip to the Sorpesee next month!

What can we expect from this weekend, except for GRILLMASTER Thiele, sexual intercourse and optical assaults. We can also savour a weekend full of liquid.. stuff. Besides this, Jacob and Alf also planned a "Spiel&Spaß"-entertainment program, with Wet-T-Shirt-Contests (Harry is the only attendant so far), noob-whipping at the Bullracing-Camp and a lot more fun! And Thiele.. don't forget your suncream, even though I can guarantee you, that we will have Shadow.

Important Announcement: During the whole clanmeeting everyone HAS TO speak english, because Zero cannot understand shit otherwise, since the only two german sentences he is able to recognize are "Bring Alkohol mit." and "Du hast eine Hitler-Frisur.".

Everyone is looking forward to this weekend and I can assure you that it is going to be great :)

[14] comments, latest by xcv xcv - 30.10.2018 - 07:37
aAa Grand Final result

A proud pascow has some news for you:

We fucking did it and won the aAa Speed Mastership with a flawless win in the Grand Final vs aAa.

The 1on1 was super intense, Kid already leading 6:3 while needing only one more round to close the submatch. Harry got his nerves straight though and turned it to a 7:6 in favor of eSU.

The 3on3 wasn't that of an exciting match. Addi, Precario and pascow won the submatch with a convincing 7:1, mostly Addi & Precario carrying the rounds.

The 4on4 wasn't needed anymore but we still played it for fun. Again aAa was leading with 6:3 and eSU again showed real team spirit, being able to take home the submatch with a 8:6 score.

GG to aAa and all other teams which participated, thx to aAa for organizing their first fullspeed cup really well & thanks to iGn for hosting the Grand Final!

We're back and still fucking strong!

[7] comments, latest by xcv xcv - 30.10.2018 - 07:38
eSportsUnited Carskin 2015

Just in time me (shortz) created once again a carskin for our team. So far its only compatible with tm2, but I´m working on a tmnf version aswell. The special on this skin, speedslides look like speedslides in tmnf. I hope this skin can reactivate your tmnf speed skills! 

The download is available in our downloadsection


[20] comments, latest by xcv xcv - 30.10.2018 - 07:38
Happy Birthday Shadow!

Our beloved clanmember Shadow apparently was born today many many years ago. How many years exactly isn't known. But as far as we figured out, Shadow is so fckn old, that he tried to sue the Big Bang for disturbing the peace. Like seriously, it probably was Shadow who smashed in the nails of the cross. Yeah, that cross.

Some of you might have guessed already, that Shadow isn't really THAT old, but still pretty old. I repeat that this often, because I think he feels better if everyone tells him again and again HOW OLD HE IS.

Okay, you should be nice to everyone at his birthday, therefore:

Happy Birthday Shadow! Congratulations and love from my side and everyone else in eSU. In the following a small speech from our clan leaders Jacob&pascow for you and your birthday:


Jacob: "Happy Birthday Shadow"

pascow: "Happy Birthday Shadow"

Wow :) Have a great day and great gift - I'm looking forward to meet you in May :)

[16] comments, latest by xcv xcv - 30.10.2018 - 07:39
News from the Management

First of all, happy new year & we hope you had nice Christmas holidays.

Let's start with something trackmania related: Our fullspeed Squad will drive in the aAa Fullspeed Cup, which is going to start on Sunday 11/01/14. Our first opponent is the SEF clan. Definitely not an easy task, but we're confident to take home our first victory in 2015. Stay tuned for match reports!

Furthermore, the management of our clan changed quite a bit. Precario retired from his position as clanleader, which results in 5teasy & pascow being the ones leading the clan from now on. Thanks a lot to Prec, who has done an amazing job as leader in the past years. You'll always be part of eSU...See you on the road!

The management looks like this now:

Clanleader: 5teasy&pascow
Fullspeed-Leader: pascow&Addi
Tech-Leader: None atm, but we're willing to build a team again!
RPG-Leader: Alf&deus

Also, thanks to Precario for insisting to finish the homepage all the time, I think we wouldn't have done this without your pressure. Another guy who has to be mentioned when talking about the homepage is Shortz, who helped a lot with finetuning and media stuff. Thanks a lot!

Last but not least, Sky will write some articles/news from time to time to keep all interested guys updated.

Thats all for now,

5teasy & pascow

[10] comments, latest by xcv xcv - 30.10.2018 - 07:37
Hello 2015!

Eigentlich ist Weihnachten ja schon lange vorbei und die meisten haben ihre Geschenke schon lange bekommen (Bücher, Socken, Chlamydien), doch die Führungsriege von eSU hat sich das beste Geschenk für euch bis ins neue Jahr hinein aufgehoben: Die neue Homepage ist da. Nachdem die alte Homepage über Monate hinweg langsam und träge war (noch langsamer als Daniels (pascow) Internet-Bambusleitung)), wurde innerhalb weniger Monate Reaktionszeit die neue Homepage zusammengebastelt. Sie ist weltweit aufrufbar und zu meinem Glück sogar mit einer 32-Bit-Windowsversion aufrufbar (Wer es nicht mitbekommen hat: Ich bin seit einigen Wochen stolzer Fifa-15-Besitzer, ohne das Spiel starten zu können).

Mit 2014 liegt ein 365 Tage langes Jahr hinter uns. Und weil das verdammt viel Zeit ist, habe ich schon gar nicht mehr so den Plan, was bei eSU alles im letzten Jahr passiert ist. Wir haben den Teamspeak-Server gewechselt, Raisis ist nicht mehr in unserer WhatsApp-Gruppe und Alf hat Clicker Heroes totgesuchtet. Das dürften die Highlights des Jahres sein. Abgesehen davon gab es wieder mal das alljährliche Pfingsttreffen, diesmal bei Alf zuhause, inklusive umkippender Bänke und Misch- und Malzbier. Zudem gab Harry auf dem Clantreffen Autogramme, eine Merchandising-Reihe mit vielen Fanprodukten soll dieses Jahr starten. Unter anderem wird das „Harry-Trikot“ für 39,95€ erhältlich sein und die ersten zehn Käufer erhalten für eine Sonderzahlung von 9,95€ den Staubsauger von Harrys Mama obendrauf! Ansonsten war es wieder mal ein sehr geselliges und spielintensives Jahr, mit The Crew, Wreckfest, League of Legends, World of Warcraft oder eben Trackmania. Ein besonderer Dank von meiner Seite geht nochmal raus an das mittlerweile legendäre eSU-Radio. 

Jetzt geht’s also los! Mit neuer Homepage wird ins neue Jahr gestartet. Viel Spaß!


Christmas is long in the past actually & most of us got their presents (books, socks, chlamydia), but the eSU leadership kept the best present until new year: The new homepage is finally there. After having a slow and sluggish homepage for months (even slower than Daniel's (pascow) internet-bamboo-line)), the new homepage was finished after a small reaction time of only some months. It's addressable from all over the world and fortunately addressable with a 32-Bit-Windows version (who didn't know: I'm a proud owner of Fifa 15 since some weeks, without being able to start the game).

With 2014, we have left a 365 days long year behind. And that being a damn long time, I can't even remember, what happened at eSU last year. We changed our Teamspeak-Server, Raisis got banned in our WhatsApp-group & Alf got totally addicted to Clicker Heroes. Those might be the highlights of the year. Next to that, the yearly Pentecost-meeting, this time at Alf's, including overturning benches and mix- & maltbeer. Furthermore Harry had to sign autographs while a merchandising-line with all kind of fan-products should start this year. Amongst other things, you can purchase the "Harry-jersey" for 39,95€, while the first 10 costumers receive a hoover from Harry's mom against a special payment of 9,95€! Otherwise it was again a damn couthy & game-intensive year with The Crew, Wreckfest, League of Legends, World of Warcraft or simply Trackmania. A special thanks from my side goes out to the meanwhile legendary eSU-radio.

Here we go! Starting the new year in the new year! Have fun!

[9] comments, latest by yaoxuemei - 19.07.2018 - 08:10
New Leaders/Memberkicks/Techteam/SPS

It's finally time for another informative news I guess, where I'm gonna speak about the three topic mentioned in the title.


 New Leaders:


Most of you should know about this...

[8] comments, latest by xcv xcv - 30.10.2018 - 07:37
eSU turned 5

Happy Bday eSU



5 Years - That's something not many TM Clans were able to reach before


Good occation to be proud on us i guess



Bday was already in mid/end january but forgot to write this news haha.

[8] comments, latest by xcv xcv - 30.10.2018 - 07:38
Trackmania Ful... - iGn
06.11.2016 - ASM#2
Trackmania Ful... - aAa
30.10.2016 - ASM'2
Trackmania Ful... - sef
23.10.2016 - ASM#2
Trackmania Ful... - AR2
16.10.2016 - ASM#2
Trackmania Ful... - TA
09.10.2016 - ASM#2
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