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16.09.2017 - Announcement
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News from the Management

First of all, happy new year & we hope you had nice Christmas holidays.

Let's start with something trackmania related: Our fullspeed Squad will drive in the aAa Fullspeed Cup, which is going to start on Sunday 11/01/14. Our first opponent is the SEF clan. Definitely not an easy task, but we're confident to take home our first victory in 2015. Stay tuned for match reports!

Furthermore, the management of our clan changed quite a bit. Precario retired from his position as clanleader, which results in 5teasy & pascow being the ones leading the clan from now on. Thanks a lot to Prec, who has done an amazing job as leader in the past years. You'll always be part of eSU...See you on the road!

The management looks like this now:

Clanleader: 5teasy&pascow
Fullspeed-Leader: pascow&Addi
Tech-Leader: None atm, but we're willing to build a team again!
RPG-Leader: Alf&deus

Also, thanks to Precario for insisting to finish the homepage all the time, I think we wouldn't have done this without your pressure. Another guy who has to be mentioned when talking about the homepage is Shortz, who helped a lot with finetuning and media stuff. Thanks a lot!

Last but not least, Sky will write some articles/news from time to time to keep all interested guys updated.

Thats all for now,

5teasy & pascow

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