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16.09.2017 - Announcement
08.07.2015 - Announcement
28.04.2015 - Announcement
08.03.2015 - Announcement
29.01.2015 - Announcement


New Leaders/Memberkicks/Techteam/SPS

It's finally time for another informative news I guess, where I'm gonna speak about the three topic mentioned in the title.


 New Leaders:


Most of you should know about this, but as we didn't have an official news about, here we go. Our former leader Mattnac sadly quit the job of being the leader of our clan because he lost interest in trackmania and also in the clan. He's still in our management forum to help us out with his high apprectiated opinion if necessary.


Next to Precario, who stays being a leader, Jacob and my humble self, pascow, took this spot, what makes us a trio at the lead of eSportsUnited.


Finally our Management looks like this:


Precario: Clanleader

Jacob: Clanleader

pascow: Clanleader & Fullspeedleader

Addi: Fullspeed Co-Leader

Shortz: RPG-Leader

Mobo: RPG Co-Leader


If there occure any questions concerning all possible stuff, don't hesitate to ask one of us!




Hereby we announce the kick of the following members. All because of the inactivity ingame + on our homepage:













That's it about this subject. If anybody of you feels unfairly treated, come to one of us and you'll get a further explanation.



The activity of our techteam unfortunately decreased a lot in the last weeks, so Ace saw no other option than leaving the team. I, and probably all of us, can totally understand this decision and I'm sure I'm right if I say you did an amazing job as our Techsquadleader in the name of the whole clan. Thank you very much for your work mate! If you see a possibility to work with us again, we'll welcome you with open hands.


That said, the techsection is inactive at the moment. We want that to change in the near future of course. A new leader of this squad is needed, so if you think YOU can do it or if you know any other option, just write us!


Speed Premiership 7:


I'll try to give you a brief summary of the yesterday finished SPS in TM2:Stadium. Sadly only 7 teams signed up for the 7th edition of the SPS, but there still were some known clans. Our way through the groupstage was easier as expected, since we didn't have any problems with beating our opponents:


1st Playday: eSU vs. eSU2 - 6:0 (Overall 26:7)

2nd Playday: eSU vs. GoFast - 6:0 (Overall 26:8)

3rd Playday: eSU vs. Project Fusion - 5:1 (Overall 21:13)

4th Playday: eSU vs. Racing Xperience - 6:0 (Overall 26:10)

5th Playday: eSU vs. Quantum - 6:0 (Overall 26:2)

6th Playday: eSU vs. Aurora Racing - 6:0 (Overall 26:3)


As you might see, we were able to finish first in the groupstage with 18 points, a submatchscore of 35:1 (damn you Harry) and a submatchpointscore of 151:43, which was pretty dominant.


Aurora Racing finished second, whereas Quantum finished third and Project Fusion as fourth, who followed us to the Playoffs.


The consequence was us facing Project Fusion in the Halffinal, where we were able to win with a 6:0 (26:10).


We advanced to the GrandFinal for a third time in a row. Quantum surprisingly was able to defeat Aurora Racing and challenged us again in the final after a pretty awkward performance in the groupstage.


Yesterday, the GrandFinal took place and the surprise didn't come true, and so we can call us again SPS champions!! We once again prove that we are the best existing speedteam with a great win of 6:0 (26:5)


Finally, a big thx to "my" drivers for making this win possible. A little list of who participated this time below:


Harry (20 submatches)

LX (19 submatches)

pascow (17 submatches)

Addi (12 submatches)

Fristyle (12 submatches)

Infernal (5 submatches)

Wood (2 submatches)

Jumper (1 submatch)


Thank you guys! And a special thanks to Infernal as he has been here as our guestdriver this season!


Last but not least a big shoutout to our second team. They actually only signed up to make this tournament possible and in the end they were better as expected!


All has been said I guess, hope you enjoy reading a bit!




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