Speed-applicationsaplication with the **rules**

04.04.2017, 20:16 - William.z - tricycledriver - 1 Posts

- your name William Zahle

- how old you are you 16 years old

- where are you from i am from Denmark

- if you ever where in a clan (if yes, in which? and why did you leave?) i have joined sef for 2 years ago i leaved because i feelt that the team wouldnt accept ez alltime i play with them is like they won't talk too me. And they never message me when we played together.

- if you play in the esl (--> link to the profil) yes i play esl

- detailed why you want to join us (we really mean detailed here!) i want too join eSU because i feel you are very kind and nice. but first time i saw one from eSU was Senegal pascow and is good and i am good so maybe i could join and make a better team work and a better friendship and i would like to play wars if i have time. So i hope we can recroit soon amused

- in which team you want to drive eSU

- which game you apply for? Trackmania 2 Stadium

- a messenger like Xfire, ICQ, MSN, Facebook to contact you i have skype

- if you have TS 3 (and a headset ) i have a headset that is working but i don't have ts yet
06.04.2017, 09:45 - 5teasy - Administrator - 213 Posts
Hi william.
Thank you for your Application, but we dont accept new members at the moment.