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12.02.2018, 16:49 - racer09 - tricycledriver - 1 Posts
Hi Team esu,
My Name is Leon (ingame: Huskey) and I'm 18 years old.
I'm from Germany and I live there in a small village.
I play Trackmania now for 8/9 Years and i was already in some Clans.
Now i want to join esu because i think its a really good Clan. I want to improve my Skills and I think i can get better when I'm in a very good Clan like this. I know esu a long Time. I dont know but i saw many esu member on lol server and so on. I dont want to drive Tech only, I play Lol,Short,Tech and Fullspeed. I'm not that good at Tech and Fullspeed, but I want to improve.
I never drove TM professional, I think I need a little bit more Train to do that.
You can contact me here:
Skype: trackmania.leoscho9
I have no Headset at the moment..
I'm happy about when you contact me back and i hope i can get a Chance

With best regards,
Huskey smiling