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30.05.2017, 21:14 - Aeq - tricycledriver - 2 Posts
Hey, my name is Patrick aka Aeq. I'm only 14 years old and I'm from Slovakia.
You probably do not know me because I'm usually playing alone(rip). I used to be in iGn but I left because I wanted to join axtio. I stayed in axtio for 1 and half years but then left because Strohbär got dedibanned (twice) and it didn't really feel good being in a team which had this kind of thing in the past. Since I'm playing alone, it's quite boring and I want to change it. I'm writing this application because I want to meet more pro rpg players just like you guys and fit in the community. amused
I usually drive mini rpgs, because they're my favourite and I got quite a lot of WRs there. But of course, I drive long rpgs which are also fun unless they're pathfinding or something boring like that. I play TMUF for 99% of the time, so when I'm playing tm2 idk what is happening. There's not many ways to contact me, only through discord and steam. I have TS3 and a headset.

my steam -> http://steamcommunity....ofiles/76561198079306262/

PS: I sometimes get really toxic and act like a retard lol.
Have a nice day. ;]
03.06.2017, 16:49 - shortz - Administrator - 118 Posts
Sorry, but I guess for a 14 year old this team would be the wrong surrounding (we also only recruiting members whichi are older than 18 years). Also this team is inactive, so it would make no sense to add you to the roster.

Paradise awaits

03.06.2017, 22:21 - Aeq - tricycledriver - 2 Posts
Alright, thanks for the reply.